neato links

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ystMcVC9JVI&list=RDystMcVC9JVI&index=1 – Allo Allo, the BBC series.

https://www.gcsurplus.ca/mn-eng.cfm – Government of Canada surplus auction. Why not just use eBay, or the Canadian equivalent?

cool tools

ejabberd – a jabber/xmpp server written in erlang.

xmppy – an xmpp client library in python. trigger warning: github link.

If anyone needs a chat server and a chat bot written, these appear to be decent tools to start from.


neato websites

https://lookmomnocode.com – frequently-used website templates, which could be very useful for market research operations. set up some ads, put your test page up, determine the efficacy of the ad all the way through your sales funnel before writing a line of your own code to validate your idea.

https://ciechanow.ski/color-spaces/ – how color spaces work. it seems rgb^2 and rgb compliment each other nicely.

http://notarealhuman.com – generated avatar faces. some artifacts, but high resolution and often realistic-looking.

https://thiscatdoesnotexist.com/ – generated cat pictures, because why look at other peoples’ cats when you can have the computer generate fictive cats.


https://conversionxl.com/feed/ – a blog that summarizes customer behaviour studies, and how to break out the task of “marketing” into smaller components. formulas and terminology are named, which helps with google searching, too.

https://www.producthunt.com/ – new products being promoted by people. generated too much volume, subscription cancelled, but some of the products are interesting.

http://bradfrost.com/blog/ – a web designer’s blog that’s rather interesting to read.


neato websites

https://explainshell.com/ – a tool to find out what a particular shell command is likely to do.

http://n-gate.com – a tech news site whose editorial bias is clearly stated: “Opinions are those of your employer.” Spectacular conference coverage.

This is a video about applying principle component analysis to embeddings derived from generative adversarial networks:


https://seclists.org/rss/oss-sec.rss – open source security mailing list. While volume is high, this mailing list may include test cases and resolutions for vulnerabilities as they appear.


Ground broken on local network report generation site, to speed up human operations. Improve human-in-loop process execution speed by ten percent, twenty five times, and that is a 10x process execution improvement. Instrumentation to measure current human-in-loop operations are included in this project.