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c# doesn’t appear to have shortcode arrays, but if you look under the hood of asp.net its xml support is pretty amazing. if it had both, there might be an excuse to port domchanger.js to c#. so let’s see if c# curly arrays can be treated like php-style shortcode arrays, or if the java-with-a-microsoft-accent world remains hopelessly verbose.

experimental aparatus

gnome-builder c# project that often compiles when you hit f5


something along the lines of

object[] jsonml = {"p",{{"style","background-color: red; color: yellow;"}},"hello world"};

after that, maybe put jsonml inside another object[] array with a different name, on its way through a tag generator.

and then you should get back the much more elegant and beautiful sgml representation:

<p style="background-color: red; color: yellow;">hello world</p>

although probably with extraneous whitespace, depending how lazy one gets with the tag generator. perhaps port that later, to dom elements, using the builtin dom api? \_(O_o)_/

sources of error

  • coding recreationally
  • blogging about code before its written


requires human readers. that’s not really a thing, if google analytics are any indication, so maybe start practicing seo techniques on rewrites of old posts?

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