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https://ohshitgit.com/ – documentation of how to actually assemble the lego bricks that git spills on the floor next to your desktop.

now i just need one for mercurial.

subversion first, though, because wtf is it doing when you merge?

stupid computer tricks

here is a bit of code that might help to make phantomjs look like a real web browser to the site you’re visiting:

var app = {};
app.main = function() {
    app.page = require('webpage').create();
    app.page.customHeaders = {
app.return_main = function(status) { 

one may replace user-agent-cribbed-from-php with the browser’s UA string. this is available from print_r(getallheaders(),1)

one may replace your-test-url with the site to visit.

actually orchestrating phantomjs to navigate around a bunch of webpages is another exercise.

this does not do anything about the window.phantom object exposed in the page js, so adversarial sites can still do capabilities-based identification.

Author: Mike Godfrey

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