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as part of a recent experiment, a one-week google ads campaign ends today. an advertisement was presented which asked if peopleshader.com was right for the searcher, and directed users to the pitch shader. this advertisement had a low click-rate, but delivered thousands of advertisement impressions at a low cost.

the datasets downloaded from google adwords includes counts of impressions, clicks, and what keyword searches led to those impressions and clicks. this data may provide useful information for follow-up keyword research, and a new set of advertisement drafts for subsequent experiments.

tools like keywordshitter or the Keywords Everywhere firefox extension may provide additional insights into user behaviour, now that the first wave of real-world data has been gathered.

it was determined that thousands of impressions of a basic advertisement can be purchased at low cost. further experiments are required to determine which insights derived from the data are likely to be real and and which are likely to be imaginary.

Author: Mike Godfrey

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