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stupid LaTeX tricks

a blog is being constructed to post fiction and other writing. a lot of content produced is currently being made through the film.cls plugin. save the cat, if you recall, will ruin all movies, forever, and turns the process of cringy amateur screenwriting into a scheduling problem. getting latex2html to output html requires that the input document be using a limited subset of latex, and documentation on latex html generation has, so far, been difficult to come across. this may be a terminology issue.

pandoc includes the +latex_macros extension for its latex format, which gets most of the way there. try this, when you’re failing to get latex to output html with a new document class:

pandoc -f latex+latex_macros -s film.cls na1.tex -t html

the thing about the film.cls plugin is, to generate reasonably okay screenwriting output, it requires three commands:


most of the work happens in the comments, with the beat sheet components and the beats of each page laid out with %’s in front of them, for easy reference. perhaps it is time to fight against muscle memory, and replace the backslashes and curlies with calls to lisp functions, all in a row. a lisp function can output html in the right format with limited effort.

latex remains an excellent document construction platform. lyx makes it a joy to use for large documents that need to be exported as pdf. the majority of content is now in epub and html format, so it has become less useful than when it was in use to write all my math homework.

Author: Mike Godfrey

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