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one of my objectives.txt habits

to that end, some code was written in the home directory Makefile, in the “make journal-question” command, to get back a random journal question from the database.

the list used to contain a lot of aphorisms and probing questions about projects and things. the list contains, on occasion, sun tzu quotes, 48 laws of power, alinsky rules, habits of highly effective people, etc. so the user can identify the things they can try to do better.

http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html – the latest addition. this is now the majority of the list.

q. I will allow guards to operate under a flexible work schedule. That way if one is feeling sleepy, he can call for a replacement, punch out, take a nap, and come back refreshed and alert to finish out his shift.

this is my life now.

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