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do the simplest thing that could possibly work.

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as part of a recent experiment, a one-week google ads campaign ends today. an advertisement was presented which asked if peopleshader.com was right for the searcher, and directed users to the pitch shader. this advertisement had a low click-rate, but delivered thousands of advertisement impressions at a low cost.

the datasets downloaded from google adwords includes counts of impressions, clicks, and what keyword searches led to those impressions and clicks. this data may provide useful information for follow-up keyword research, and a new set of advertisement drafts for subsequent experiments.

tools like keywordshitter or the Keywords Everywhere firefox extension may provide additional insights into user behaviour, now that the first wave of real-world data has been gathered.

it was determined that thousands of impressions of a basic advertisement can be purchased at low cost. further experiments are required to determine which insights derived from the data are likely to be real and and which are likely to be imaginary.


neato link

https://www.classicalarchives.com/ – classical music dataset. includes a player.

stupid LaTeX tricks

a blog is being constructed to post fiction and other writing. a lot of content produced is currently being made through the film.cls plugin. save the cat, if you recall, will ruin all movies, forever, and turns the process of cringy amateur screenwriting into a scheduling problem. getting latex2html to output html requires that the input document be using a limited subset of latex, and documentation on latex html generation has, so far, been difficult to come across. this may be a terminology issue.

pandoc includes the +latex_macros extension for its latex format, which gets most of the way there. try this, when you’re failing to get latex to output html with a new document class:

pandoc -f latex+latex_macros -s film.cls na1.tex -t html

the thing about the film.cls plugin is, to generate reasonably okay screenwriting output, it requires three commands:


most of the work happens in the comments, with the beat sheet components and the beats of each page laid out with %’s in front of them, for easy reference. perhaps it is time to fight against muscle memory, and replace the backslashes and curlies with calls to lisp functions, all in a row. a lisp function can output html in the right format with limited effort.

latex remains an excellent document construction platform. lyx makes it a joy to use for large documents that need to be exported as pdf. the majority of content is now in epub and html format, so it has become less useful than when it was in use to write all my math homework.


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operations: @todo: daily – 2 journal questions

one of my objectives.txt habits

to that end, some code was written in the home directory Makefile, in the “make journal-question” command, to get back a random journal question from the database.

the list used to contain a lot of aphorisms and probing questions about projects and things. the list contains, on occasion, sun tzu quotes, 48 laws of power, alinsky rules, habits of highly effective people, etc. so the user can identify the things they can try to do better.

http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html – the latest addition. this is now the majority of the list.

q. I will allow guards to operate under a flexible work schedule. That way if one is feeling sleepy, he can call for a replacement, punch out, take a nap, and come back refreshed and alert to finish out his shift.

this is my life now.


stupid wordpress tricks

on tuesday a plugin was created for wordpress which enables the same jsonml-in-php format as was used for all the views in peopleshader.com. much of the wordpress documentation includes inline php in the middle of functions, to print out html, and this breaks the flow of the code in many editors. to mitigate this problem, instead write html code as ersatz s-expressions, like

public function some_html_thingy() { 
print Jsonml::render(['div',[],
['a',['class'=>'btn btn-outline-dark','onclick'=>'page.click_someButton();'],'Some button'],
['h2',[],'Some html thingy'],

this takes much off the load from one’s poor, benighted code editors, and makes it easier to embed little functions that return html snippets for reuse. in laravel this was especially useful to create form elements that include laravel’s xss protection tokens, simply by creating a Widget::jsonml_form($props=[],$content=”) method.

neato link

https://openai.com/blog/musenet/ – computer generated music, including a twitch channel.


neato link

https://halifaxbloggers.ca/ – there is, apparently, a curated blog link aggregator for halifax, ns.

fun with wordpress

some client projects require wordpress development, so some non-client time is being spent on independent wordpress plugin development. among these projects are post visibility access controls and porting of peopleshader to wordpress posts, so perhaps some demonstrations can be placed directly into the blog.


neato link

https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=71262 – a commodore 64 port of a nintendo game. so, a port from rp2a03 (6502, approximately) to 6510, with wildly different graphics and sound hardware. a library port?

the old 8-bit architectures required their users to squeeze an awful lot of functionality into devices with less memory than many modern cpus’ register banks. entire business operations could be managed with these devices, and managed cheaply, with the right technologist in charge of them.

with modern development tools, rather impressive technology demonstrations can be extracted from extremely modest hardware.