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Recently, a subscription-based social media site, socialgalactic.com, was launched. The site already appears to have paid subscribers due in some part to the loyal following of the website’s creators.

The public-facing user interface appears to be based on vue.js and bootstrap. While vue.js introduces too many layers of indirection from actual dom manipulation than I am personally comfortable with, it is a reasonable choice in terms of very-small-footprint view libraries. Being used in a large social media website could lead to even more widespread adoption of the vue.js project.

It will be very interesting to observe the composition of paid subscription levels among this website’s users over the next several years. If content and foaf datasets become available, it would also be interesting to compare against similar datasets produced by existing social media platforms. Feeding post content through a sentiment analyzer, for example, or observing how subscription level changes in a member’s friends list correlates with that member’s decision to change their own subscription level, would provide valuable insights for other projects that seek to create profitable subscription-based products.

Author: Mike Godfrey

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