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http://www.sawaccidents.com – statistical breakdown of saw accidents and their associated injuries.

http://ucnv.github.io/pnglitch/ – how to make various kinds of png glitches.

https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ch03-03-how-functions-work.html – this is the page where I decided I do not like Rust. Still working through the manual.

Rust does not allow underscores in method names, but only camel case. It is useful under some circumstances to use underscores to indicate one kind of concept separator and camelCase to indicate another kind of concept separator. For example, when creating a path handler in a controller, one might name their method PageController@page_something_twoWords_index($id), where the associated path is like something/two_words/{id}, and the form validation handler is PageController@validate_something_twoWords_index, and the submit handler is PageController@submit_something_twoWords_index.

This is a matter of human preference, and it is difficult to derive widely-applicable measures for readability in program language or coding convention designs.

https://archive.org/details/book_of_politeness_1302_librivox/ – a public domain deportment guide.

Currently reading a book by autists who have learned social skills, and the procedures they applied to reach that goal. The participants claim that manners helped early on to smooth over interactions, before they understood or empathized with the strange, aggressive creatures that had them surrounded.

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