“It’s called a ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ because the Work remaining will grow until you have a Breakdown, unless you enforce some Structure on it.”


2018 was spent on small client projects and developing peopleshader.com. Peopleshader.com is now deployed, but remains in test mode pending release. Once released, there are many options to expand view counts past the current level. Among those options:

  • Create shaders that provide practical guides, and putting them into search or social ads.
  • Encourage social media influencers to use shaders to bulk-process incoming contacts with surveys or audience feedback.
  • Locate organizations in the region and encourage them to encode procedures into shaders.

Each of these options must involve a small test case, and statistical instrumentation laid out ahead of time to safely determine effectiveness. Once a test case has been constructed and the statistical instrumentation has been put through its paces, decision support spreadsheets may be constructed.

Based on anecdotal experience, the creation and maintenance of an individual shader does not take very much work. There remains some confusion in the beginning about how to use the node editor, and tests must be performed to determine whether the graphic on the logged-out and logged-in landing page will help people to better understand the process.

Author: Mike Godfrey

If you're wondering which Mike Godfrey wrote this, here is the disambiguation page: https://peopleshader.com/shader/o9gd6XYvwn

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